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DogWalkTrail Basic Week
Snow covered mountains…
Green meadows…
Gorgeous mountain lakes…
You and your dog…
DogWalkTrail Basic Week

This week you can enjoy walks with your dog or take your dog on other kind of fun. The whole week is free of choices. You book a basic week which includes a 2 day program and the rest of the week you can build your own daily activities, feel free to relax or do some sightseeing.

Program for the week

Saturday: Arriving in accommodation that you booked your self or that you asked/booked with DogWalkTrail

Sunday: At breakfast you will meet the rest of the guests. We will explain the week and the program and what you can do other than the program. After breakfast the dogs will meet in the garden next to the house. Then we will leave to go to the Sigmund Thun Gorge Impressive natural monument, which was created  14,000 years ago due to a glacier moving down the valley and  covering the whole of Kaprun. We will visit the Gorge and en joy the view and watch the dogs play at the little lake. (Klammsee)

Monday till Friday: You can choose which activity you like to do this week. One is included in your package. If you would like to do more activities you can book it at the beginning of the week.

Price per person: € 125,00

 -2 walks (2 guided walks, One “get to know the group walk” and one walk or activity by choice.
-a book with all the information you need and maps with walks for you and your dogs.

Extra activities
(from € 15,00 per person and up, a least 3 people have to sign in for the extra activity)
Travel insuring
Dog insuring (you can book a special dog insuring with us in case the dog gets sick before the holiday it is possible to cancel it if you have our dog insuring)

You can book this week from end of June till end of Oktober.
Just send us an E-mail: info@dogwalktrail.com<

If you can´t find dogfriendly accommodation we are happy to help you out. DogWalkTrail also has his own Dogfriendly appartement and 2  Loghomes to rent out.

DogWalkTrail Basic Week DogWalkTrail Basic Week
What kind of extra activities can you book with your dog:  

Groβglockner visit: You can experience amazing beautiful views and great walks near
Austria ’s highest Mountain ( 3798 metres) http://www.grossglockner.at/en/grossglockner/

It is possible to book a water fun day if the weather is good!

Water fun on the lake: We will go canoeing with the dogs and eat ice-cream and afterwards swim in the lake of Zell Am See

Water fun day: Games and play around with water. Water fun for dogs and people

Glacier day: We will take the gondola up to 3000 meters. There we will walk through the panorama tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you will be surrounded by the terrific view of the mountains. From there we will walk down a path which leads us to the snow where we will go sledging and play in the snow. The dogs will love it. If you are fit enough we will walk down to the first station and then we will take the gondola down again.

Waterfall walks: Walks towards impressive high waterfalls

DogWalkTrail Basic Week

High and low rope day: Play around on 20 meter high ropes or play with your dogs on the low ropes. If you choose the high ropes course then we will take care of your dogs.

Bow and arrow shooting: Score lots of points by shooting the arrow in the rose to gain some cookies for your dog

Many various walks: Walk to the Peak of the mountain or take the gondola up the mountain and walk towards the valley. Come across cosy huts or hike over the mountain ridge. You also have the option to book an orientation walk. You will be sent off with a map and with lots of clues. With this information  you will have to find your way!  (all information about possible activities are to be found in the activity book that you will find in your room or apartment   Prices start at € 15,00 p.p. and up

Pictures: pictures about are trips are found under:http://dogwalktrail.mijnalbums.nl

DogWalkTrail rents out a Dog Friendly apartment(Appartment Bodhi) and in 2 Canadian LogHomes

Information about Apartment Bodhi you will find under www.appartementbodhi.com

Information in English about the LogHomes you will find under www.lengdorfloghomes.com


DogWalkTrail Basic Week